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Active Fixed Price List

Date Variety Rarity Grade Description Price Photos
Draped Bust, Small Eagle Half-Dollars, 1796-1797
1796 16 Stars O.102 R.5+ PCGS Fine Details Ex John Story Jenks. Offered in Henry Chapman's sale of the Jenks Collection, December 1921, lot 5913.  Barry Broyde, BHNC #104, acquired it for $18,400 in Stack's December 1987 sale where lot 537 was offered as a raw VF.  PCGS properly notes that the coin was cleaned, not harshly I should add.  The coin is nicely detailed for its modest grade.  Hints of luster survive in protected areas of the eagle's wings and some letters of the legend.  If the time has arrived to fill that gaping hole in your date or type set without shelling out $50,000 or more we should talk.  A photocopy of Broyde's Dec. 14, 1987 invoice for the coin is available upon request.  PRICE REDUCED! $34,950
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The Beaver Falls Collection - Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Half-Dollars, 1801-1807
1806/5 O.101 R.3 PCGS AU 50 Cert. no. 43607843.  Untoned.  Luster stronger through stars and legend.  Evenly struck with most breast feathers showing.  From Southwest Numismatic Corp., Aug. 22, 1971. $3,150
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1806 Pt. 6, Stem O.120a R.4 PCGS AU 53 Cert. no. 43698478.  Thin halo of copper toning through dentils, otherwise brilliant.  Strong luster for a "53" and well struck throughout.  Private purchase during the July 1979 ANA Convention. $2,900
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Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Half-Dollars, 1801-1807
1805 O.109, T-14 R.4+ PCGS XF 40 NEW.  Natural light to medium grey toning.  Hints of luster in protected areas.  A lightly circulared 1805 with no marks worth mention.  Just right for an XF date or type set.  Ex Steve Nomura. $1,950
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1806 Over Inverted 6 O.111"b", T-11 R.7 PCGS VF 30 The coveted terminal die state.  Two magnificent rim cuds flank UN and TED of UNITED; a swooping die break bisects the obverse from the rim above ER in LIBERTY to the rim below the 8 in the date.  Luster flickers through the stars and legend.  The smooth, grey surfaces are free of distractions.  The coin was uncovered by Dave Kahn some time ago and sold privately into the collection of Dr. Charles Link.  I find no auction record of the piece.  In Sept. 2018 Heritage offered an O.111"b" graded PCGS VF 20.  It brought $3,480.  The Kahn-Link coin is a bit nicer. $3,600
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The Beaver Falls Collection - Capped Bust Half-Dollars, 1807-1836
1812/1 Small 8 O.102 R.1 PCGS AU 55 Another choice AU example of this popular overdate.  Rub confined to Liberty's cheek; luster a tad more subdued than the preceding AU 58.  The coin comes from Stack's Oct. 1981 sale of the Harold Bareford Collection, Part 2, lot 351.  Bareford owned an astounding number or rarities and high quality gold and silver coins, including a proof 1832 O.123 (considered to be the discovery piece of the R.7+ die pair).  Bareford acquired this 1812/1 from Stack's in the Summer of 1952 as "Brill Unc."  The original Stack's envelope (with Bareford's notes) and auction tag (from 1981) are preserved for the next owner. $1,950 SOLD
1814 E/A O.108a R.1 PCGS AU 58 Full, frosty luster.  Just a trace of friction on the cheek.  The obverse is sharply impressed.  The reverse strike is better than most despite weakness at the eagle's head and the top of the left wing.  Light toning through stars 1-7 and portions of the legend.  Discard the R.1 rarity rating if you aspire to an AU 1814 E over A.  Check your AMBPR to see the excitement surrounding the appearance of a top notch example.  From Bowers & Ruddy's June 28, 1979 sale of the Oscar Pearl collection, lot 356, with tag. $5,700 SOLD
1819 O.110 R.4 PCGS AU 58 Even light grey toning.  Slightly (for the grade) subdued cartwheel luster.  Not a match for Keith Davignon's AU 58 that brought $4,406 in MB 38 but a nice, high grade example of this scarce die pair.  Last offered in Bowers & Ruddy's August 22, 1978 ANA sale.  PCGS cert # 43607884.  TrueView photo copied and displayed here. $1,625
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1823 Broken 3 O.101 R.2 PCGS AU 55 A well struck, lustrous example of a VERY popular Red Book variety.  Broken 3s have been harder to find in AU than their Patched and Ugly 3 cousins.  There can be no quarrel with the PCGS grade.  From Kagin's Jan. 1979 NASC sale, lot 423, with tag. $2900 SOLD
Capped Bust Half-Dollars, 1807-1836
1809 O.103 R.2 PCGS AU 58 CAC Superbly toned in subtle shades of iridescent grey, gold, rose and turquoise.  The softly struck eagle's head and upper left wing are standard for the die pair.  Color, eye appeal and originality are a winning trio - confirmed by CAC's seal of approval. $3,250
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1809 XXX Edge O.108a 4+ PCGS VF 30 PRICE RDUCED!  A wonderful example of this VERY tough die marriage.  The XXX edge is a nice bonus.  Soft luster permeates the devices and fields, especially on the reverse.  Natural auburn toning contributes to the eye appeal.  This is a special O.108a. $975
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1810 O.104a R.3 PCGS AU 58+ An original coin, never wiped or dipped.  Silver-grey toning with virtually full luster.  Two short drift marks appear under the A and E in AMERICA.  The "look" reminds me of the pristine hoard of capped bust halves assembled in the 1820s by the ancestors of George Plimpton and his siblings.  See Keith Davignon's essay in the Nov. 2022 issue of the J.R. Journal, Vol. 32, No. 3, p.3, a "must read" if you are not familiar with these remarkable coins.  The 1810 offered here came from a similar hoard assembled by James Allaire Millholland (1842-1911).   The Millholland collection was disbursed this year by Stack's-Bowers. $3,500
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1811/10 O.101 R.1 NGC MS 63 NEW.  Glorious gold and iridescent turquoise toning encases the obverse and reverse.  Cartwheel luster rolls under the patina.  The coin comes from an old time collection uncovered in 2020 by The Scotsman (St. Louis, MO.) and offered at its Nov. 2021 auction.  The entire collection was graded and encapsulated by NGC.  There is a never ending demand for high grade examples of the 1811/10.  Those with colorful toning are especially prized. $10,500
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1814 Single Leaf O.105a R.4 PCGS AU 55 CAC A marvelous 1814 Single Leaf.  The eye appeal is head and shoulders above the darkly toned AU 55 CAC I offered in 2014 (lot 91, MB 39 @ $5,341, reappearing in a March 2017 Legend auction @ $6,325).  Shimmering luster graces the silver-grey toning.  The surfaces are exceptionally smooth save for a tick, right of the date; adjustment marks in the upper left of the reverse are unusual and fascinating but do not enter a discussion of value.  A glance at auction records will tell you that high grade examples of this Red Book staple are rare.  This CAC approved example belongs in a top-flight Red Book or PCGS Registry set. $4,800 SOLD
1814 E/A O.108a R.1 PCGS AU 55 A Red Book condition rarity - though “R.1” to die variety collectors. Why are there so few AU or nicer examples? I don’t have the answer. This untoned example sports extravagant luster, obverse and reverse. Weakness at the eagle’s head and left wing is a hallmark of the variety and stark contrast to the well-detailed obverse portrait. Unless you find clash marks a bother, you will adore the nearly mark-free surfaces.  Formerly in the collection of Dr. Tom Sears; last offered in MB 51, lot 28, Feb. 2021. $3,600 SOLD
1814 O.109 R.3 PCGS AU 58 NEW.  Caky luster highlights this untoned early date.  A whisper of friction on the cheek, otheriwise mint state.  We may be sure the coin never circulated.  A few toning spots on the breast are of little consequence.  High grade 1814s are FAR tougher to find than their cousins from 1811 and 1812. $2,250 SOLD
1817 Punctuated Date O.103 R.2 PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Strong cartwheel luster rolls across the smooth, untoned surfaces. The punctuation mark between 1 and 7 is sharp.  A light, vertical toning streak crosses the right side of the eagle.  Choice AU examples of this Red Book variety never go unnoticed. This one brought $4,700 in Legend's Sept. 2018 sale of The Konstantine Collection.
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1817 Punctuated Date O.103 R.2 PCGS Gold Shield AU 55 Pale grey toning with just the right dose of cartwheel luster.  The strike is generally balanced though some weakness shows in the eagle's claws and neck.  The centers are framed by high, well separated dentils.  Having two choice AU examples of this popular Red Book variety at the same time is a rare and welcome event. $3,650
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1818/7 Small 8 O.102a R.2 PCGS MS 61 An original crust of antique grey toning cavorts with iridescent flashes of aqua and crimson through the stars and legend.  This is a connoisseur's coin with full, caky luster.  The sole impediment, denyng the coin a choice uncirculated designation, is a scuff at the tip of Liberty's bust, extending into the dentils.  Exceptional eye appeal for an "MS 61."  The coin brought $6,600 when Stack's-Bowers offered it as part of the Abigail Collection in April 2022, lot 2095. $5,500
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1820/19 Curl Base 2 O.102 R.1 PCGS AU 58 Stone grey toning, obverse and reverse, with full cartwheel luster and distinctly prooflike surfaces on the reverse.  Minor ticks from short term circulation may have denied this one a CAC sticker.  It is an old friend.  I purchased it at a Heritage auction in 2014 (at $3,525) and sold it to Dr. Tom Sears.  Though more common than its square base 2 sibling, no high grade 1820, overdate or not, is to be ignored.  Only the 1807 and 1815 mintages are lower in the Capped Bust series.  Six of the eight Overton die varieties are also Red Book varieties. $3,500
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1827 Sq. Base 2 O.117 R.3 PCGS AU 58 Simply stunning eye appeal!  A rainbow of iridescent toning blankets the surfaces.  The few circulation ticks are nearly invisible to the naked eye.  Were the coin offered at auction I'd expect runaway bidding.  From the cabinet of Lance Keigwin. $1,750 SOLD
1828 O.123 Prime R.7- NGC AU Details NEW.  A consummate rarity.  The "prime" die state of this die pair is populated by fewer than a dozen specimens.  All 1828 O.123s are rare.  Maybe 50 to 60 pieces are known.  Most are immediately identified by a die break at the rim, between stars 5 and 6, and by prominent "railroads tracks" (die injury) below the eagle's left wing.  The obverse die also appears on the 1828 O.122 - which always displays the rim break.  We know, therefor, that the O.123 was struck before the O.122.  The latest die state, however, also appears on the O.123!  (Judged by the extent of the rim break.)  Voila!  We have a remarriage.  The obverse die started life on the O.123, then partnered with a new reverse, the O.122, and finished its life "remarried" to its original reverse.  Quite a story.  This example slipped into the inventory of a dealer in foreign coins and was uncovered at the 2023 Central States Show.  It features deep grey toning, a bit lighter at the rims.  NGC properly notes signs of an old cleaning. $2,200 SOLD
1830 Small 0 O.119 R.1 PCGS AU 58 Embers of a dying campfire brighten the primeval patina on this original 1830.  Nice coin for the date or type collector.  PCGS cert #13392017. $795
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1832 Sm. Lets O.111 R.1 PCGS OGH AU 58 Silver-grey obverse with a hint of friction.  The spectacular, uncirculated reverse displays undisturbed luster beneath a blanket of iridescent pale cobalt and rose toning.  An eye-catching 1832, last offered in my May 1996 Mail Bid Sale No. 17, lot 63.  Fron the collection of Tim Osborne. $825
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1832 Sm. Lets. Dash Date O.112 R.2 PCGS Gold Shield MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
The dash date variety, also found on the R.7 proof-only 1832 O.123.  Even, light to medium grey toning.  Unbroken luster supports the mint state designation.
$1,275 SOLD
1833 O.106 R.2 NGC MS 62 NEW.  A pretty one!  Even tan and gold toning with abundant underlying luster.  Solid for the grade, the reverse being especially nice.  Lovely surfaces, decently struck, with a full motto. $1,350
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1833 O.109 R.3 NGC AU 58 NEW.  Luster sparkles under original antique grey toning.  The reverse is exquisitely detailed.  Some weakness at the obverse rims.  Exceptionally nice surfaces.  You must hunt for any signs of friction and will likely come up empty.  In all, a high end "58." $795
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1833 O.115 R.5 PCGS Genuine (VF Details) Ex Donald Frederick and Charlton E. Meyer, Jr.   A classic rarity, unknown to Al Overton when he published his 1st and 2nd editions in 1967 and 1970.  Don Frederick discovered the variety in 1972.  Tim purchased this coin from Charlton Meyer shortly after Meyer acquired the incomparable PCGS MS 63 example, ex-Downey-Schertz-Parsley, in September 1999.  Meyer told Tim that this coin came to him from Don Frederick, leaving open the question whether it was the Discovery Coin.  It now appears that Don kept the lesser quality Discovery Coin (Fine details with altered surfaces) when he sold this coin to Meyer.  Frederick’s notes on the discovery piece accompanied its sale by Heritage in April 2010, lot 3308.  Dr. Charles Link was the winner, later consigning it to my Mail Bid Sale No. 43, August 2016, lot 72.  The Frederick-Meyer-Osborne coin, offered here, has kraft envelope toning that nicely obscures hairlines from an improvident cleaning.  The surfaces are otherwise free of distractions. $900
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1834 Lg. Date, Sm. Lets. O.107 R.1 PCGS AU 58 Brilliant with undiminished luster in the fields.  Light gold toning highlights the stars and legend. $775
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1836 50/00 O.116 R.2 PCGS MS 61 Another offering from the Millholland Collection, with the same original look and surfaces as the preceding 1834 O.118 and 1810 O.104a.  Unbroken, caky luster rolls across the fields and devices.  Minor contact marks account for the conservative grade.  The R.2 rarity rating is misleading when on the hunt for choice AU or Mint State examples of the "50 over 00."  It takes but one hand for me to count the number of UNC examples I've handled. $3,500
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Donald L. Parsley Collection of Capped Bust Half-Dollars, 1807-1836
1814 E/A O.108a R.1 PCGS OGH XF 45 Housed in an old green label holder, this lustrous example is almost sure to grade AU by today's standards.  Struck from well-worn dies with few signs of actual circulation. $2,000
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1823 O.109 R.5 ANACS EF 40 Details An R.6 die pair in Overton's 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions.  The `23-109 remains a great rarity in XF or better.  An improvident cleaning knocks the value of this example down $1,000 or more.  Parsley had to pay $2,695 for the coin in the mid-1990s.  Even light grey toning. $1,750
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1827 Sq. Base 2 O.124a R.5 PCGS AU Details An important coin with a distinguished pedigree.  Henry Hilgard located the coin in the 1980s.  He sold it to Charlton Meyer in March 1991 for $2,500.  The coin next appeared in my Mail Bid Sale 34, lot 25, August 2009.  Dr. Glenn Peterson prevailed at $2,558,  When Dr. Peterson sent it to PCGS the graders concluded that it was (lightly) cleaned.  It came back with its current Gold Seal label, noting the Overton attribution and the Peterson provenance.  The coin was undoubtedly considered for a "straight grade" of AU 53 and may yet achieve that status in a future submission.  It shows only light wear and retains generous portions of its original mint luster.  In a private transaction, Dr. Peterson sold the coin to Don Parsley for $2,800 a few years ago.

PCGS TrueView photo here:
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