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1801 O.102 R.4+ PCGS XF 40 Even grey-brown toning. Contact marks are all from circulation. Obverse is in its 2nd use, accounting for soft curls and drapery lines. Breast feathers justify the grade. $6,750 On Hold YES
1805/4 O.101a R.7? PCGS VF 35 Glossy grey-brown toning, a virtual twin to the preceding 1801. The reverse die beak lies atop ERI of AMERICA before exiting at the rim above IC. Slightly later die state than the AU Meyer specimen offered in July 2008. The BHNC first moved the die state from R.3 (per Overton/Parsley) to R.6, then to R.7, suggesting a population of a dozen or fewer. $2,750 On Hold YES
1805/4 O.103a R.5+ Fair 2 The devices and imperious triangular die break are distinct. Probably kept as a pocket-piece for a few years. Last sold as the prohibitively rare (nonexistant?) O.103b. $525 YES
1805 O.104 R.5- PCGS F.12 Purrfect for the grade! Sweet antique grey toning and nice surfaces. $695 On Hold YES
1805 O.105 R.5 PCGS VG 10 Rare early die state. Ex Richard Pugh and Michael Summers collections. Natural light grey toning. No problems. $525 On Hold YES
1805 O.105a R.6? VF 20 Battleship grey and lightly polished. Formerly in the collections of Michael Summers and Charlton E. Meyer, Jr. Massive cud over ATE and heavy die break joining ITE. A great coin! $1,225 On Hold YES
1805 O.108 R.4+ VG/AG The reverse is difficult to grade. The letters of UNITED STATES are worn into the rim while AMERICA is strong and the adjoining rim has its full allotment of dentils. Consider the assigned grade as conservative. Light grey, a bit darker through the stars and legend. $225 No
1805 O.109 R.4 F.12 Generally blunt impression from worn dies. Light grey. Old cleaning. $325 No
1806/5 O.103 R.2 PCGS VF 25 Light grey. Later die state with weak dentils. PCGS insert reads "Knob 6, Large Stars," failing to note the overdate. $725 On Hold YES
1806/5 O.104' R.7? PCGS F.12 A handsome coin with high rims, indicative of the early die state (though the obverse die was first used on the 1805 O.105 and 106). There is no hint of the die beak that typically joins the tops of stars 11-12-13, running to the tip of Liberty's bust. This "prime" die state is exceedingly rare, with fewer than 5 pieces known. The finest, PCGS VF 35, sold for $4,888 in Heritage's Sept. 2010 Long Beach auction (lot 4077). A raw VG resides in the Richard Kurtz collection, perhaps ex Robinson S. Brown, Jr. (MB 13, lot 123, Jan. 1995). The Higgins/Heisler PCGS F.12 was sold privately last year (not the coin offered here). $1,250 On Hold No
1806/9 O.111"b" R.7? PCGS VF 30 Another rare die state, this one from the Jules Reiver and Bradley Higgins collections. The obverse die appears on the O.111 and O.112. On all O.112's a crack crosses the date, bust, head and E in LIBERTY. Only a handful of late-die-state O.111's feature this bisecting obverse die break. The latest die state of the so-called "b" model is the PCGS VF 20 Hilgard-De Olden specimen sold by Heritage during the Jan. 2008 FUN Show (Lot 1377 @ $3,738.) The globular reverse rim cuds were a bit more advanced than on the coin here offered. The Reiver/Higgins coin is lovely, perhaps the finest known of the die state. Slate grey fields and lighter devices add to the eye appeal. Here is a prize for students of draped bust coinage. $3,250 On Hold No
1806/9 O.112 R.4 F.12- Even dark grey toning, probably artificial. Generally smooth surfaces. $625 No
1806/9 O.112 R.4 F.12 Once cleaned, now with attractive natural grey toning. The die break through star 11 is more advanced than the previous example. $825 No
1806 O.113 R.6? G. 6/4 An overlooked rarity in affordable grade. Full rims, obverse and reverse. Weakness in the center of the reverse is typical. $425 No
1806 O.114a R.4 PCGS VG 10 Lovely toning enhances the appeal of this charismatic die state, hallmarked by a massive die break that bisects the reverse. $350 On Hold No
1806 O.117 R.5- VF 20 Pale blue and grey iridescent toning is helping this example recover from an old cleaning. Very smooth surfaces. $425 No
1806 O.118a R.3 G. 6 Nice for the grade with a pair of sexy reverse die breaks. $195 No
1807 O.105a R.4 F.15 Subtle hairlines, concealed by medium grey toning, lighter devices. $275 On Hold No
1807 O.107 R.4+ PCGS F.12 Ex Don Frederick and Charlton Meyer. Dusty grey toning, lighter devices. Toning spot between stars 5-6. This die pair is scarce in all grades and rare in VF or better. $575 On Hold No
1807 O.109' R.7? PCGS F.12 I've traced and verified only 4 examples: the Overton plate coin [NGC VF 35], a F/VF coin I found in Aug. 1995, a VF 20 sold in MB 31 and this piece, located by Mike Summers before 1995. I did not see the cleaned NCS "AU Details" specimen sold by Heritage in its April 2009 CSNS Sale, lot 648. This die pair generally comes with an assortment of obverse die breaks and a thin break across the left wing tip, from top of ED to ST (see Overton's description of the O.109a). It is unlikely that a true prime O.109 exists (one without a rev. die break). The reverse die was 1st used on the 1807 O.108. The latest die states of the O.108 come with a faint break atop ED. Thus all O.109's must have the reverse die break - or have we found a remarriage?! I find no sign of the break on this piece, even under a 10 power glass. It features exceedingly high obverse rims and soft centers ala the Overton Plate coin. Rich grey toning lends significant eye appeal. Get to the phone fast! $1,100 On Hold YES
1807 O.110a R.2 F.15+ Sharp drapery lines, weak curls and wing feathers. A common variety. $295 No
1807 Sm. Stars O.113 R.2 PCGS F.12 Just checked AMBPR for recent auction prices of the `07 Small Stars graded PCGS F.12. In April 2011 one sold for $236; two months later another example brought $873; a month after that one with a CAC sticker landed at $690. Yes, all 3 were graded F.12 by PCGS and all 3 were offered by Heritage. Could it be that we've (re)learned to look at the coin, not just the holder? Here is a nifty Small Stars Antique grey throughout with sharp rims and dentils. The woefully weak left wing is ever so common and accounts for the modest grade. $495 On Hold YES
1808/7 O.101 PCGS VF 25 A simply fabulous coin for the grade. The toning and surfaces are first rate. This choice "VF" even sports subtle luster around the stars and legend. You will love this coin! $290 On Hold YES
1808 O.102 R.5 PCGS VG 10 Light to medium grey. Evenly worn. Nice for the grade. $295 On Hold No
1808 O.104 R.2 PCGS VF 20 Nicely toned - grey with hints of blue iridescence. A+ surfaces. $155 On Hold No
1808 O.110a R.4+ G.6 High rims with full dentils. Dusty grey toning. Late die state. $175 No
1809 O.108a R.4 VF 20 Smooth surfaces; medium grey toning, lighter devices. $225 No
1809 xxx Edge O.110 R.4 F.15 Even med. grey with toning streak thru S7. Too many folds in the drapery for a Fine, but soft portrait and left wing carry the day. $225 On Hold No
1809 O.112 R.5- F.12 Silver grey and cleaned. Sharp obv dentils; centers soft, as usual. $225 No
1809 O.113 R.5 G.6 Soft, blunt portrait. The eagle is missing its head! Legend sharp. $245 No
1811 O.107 R.4 VF/F Weak left wing. Handsome, well struck obv. Nicely toned. $165 On Hold No
1811 O.112 R.4- F.12 Steel grey, darker around the devices. Pleasing example. $150 No
1811 O.112a R.5 VF 20 A blizzard of obverse die breaks! Some luster in protected areas. $245 On Hold No
1811 O.112a R.5 VG 8 Rather dull from an old cleaning. Detail of a fine+. $115 No
1811 O.113 R.5 G.4 Well worn, with rims creeping into the stars and legend. A very tough R.5 - rare in all grades. $155 On Hold No
1812/1 Lg. 8(!) O.101 R.5- PCGS Genuine. VG Details. And you thought you'd never fill that hole in your 1812's! Now is your chance. A thoughtless oaf drilled a hole between the second 1 and the 2 of the date. Portions of both digits survive. Some digs surround the hole on the reverse. The obverse is bluntly impressed, the reverse a solid Fine in detail. Natural grey toning, like grandma's silver. What's it worth? Not a clue. So you tell me. I will receive "sealed" bids until 6 PM EST Thursday January 10, 2013. Call me; send an email; or drop off your bid at my bourse table #213 at the FUN Show in Orlando. Let's start the bidding at $200 and see where it ends. High bidder gets it. No buyer's fee. Have fun! Sealed Bid. Closing Thurs. Jan 10 2013, 6 PM EST. YES
1812 O.110b Sgl. Lf. R.6 VF 20 The Charlton Meyer specimen, sold privately in 2008 into the Blakeslee Hollow Collection. Meyer acquired this rarity in Coin Galleries' April 1997 Mail Bid Sale, lot 1810. The auction insert and Meyer's handwritten 2x2 accompany the coin. The obverse is light to medium grey with but one minor blemish, a short scratch of ancient origin to the left of Liberty's chin. The reverse is busier, with contact marks and a few "carbon spots," none serious. The coin was struck from slightly misaligned dies. I needn't remind you that the 1812 Single Leaf is an R.6 Red Book coin. The telephone may be your best friend if you hope to add the Meyer coin to your collection. $2,750 YES
1813 O.102 R.4 PCGS XF 40 Simply the nicest "40" imaginable! The curls and wing feathers scream for a 45 designation. The surfaces are lovely and the glossy battleship grey toning is absolutely original. Yes, the stars are drawn to the edge and the dentils are fading. Ever seen a 102 without those beauty marks?! Neither have I. $400 On Hold YES
1817 O.105a R.4- PCGS XF 40 An original, accurately graded and nicely toned example of this scarce die pair. The crisply impressed reverse contrasts with the worn and broken obverse. The `17-105a is one of those die marriages that fascinates devotees of screw press coinage. $350 On Hold YES
1818 O.112a R.5 VF 20 Medium grey, some luster in star crevices. Cleaned with a bit of planchet roughness over the eagle's head. Rare if not pretty. $220 No
1818 O.115 R.5 G.6 Dark grey fields, lighter devices. Rare early die state with full dentils and just a short die break, rim to lower curls. $130 On Hold No
1818 O.115a R.4+ PCGS F.12 R.4+ Super nice for the assigned grade. Light grey with pleasing surfaces. The bisecting obverse die break is in full flower. A (very) scarce and charismatic die pair. $295 On Hold YES
1820 Curl 2 O.103a R.2 ANACS AU 50 Original iridescent patina, featuring rose, copper and sea green. Some friction in the fields but the eye appeal is worth a few grading points. A pretty one! From the Jerry Killingsworth and David Rutherford Collections, last offered in MB 33, lot 33, August 2007. $895 On Hold YES
1820 O.105 R.1 PCGS VF 35 Sq. 2 w/ Knob, Lg. Date. Attractive antique grey. Perfect for the grade. $350 On Hold No
1821 O.103 R.2 PCGS XF 40 Hints of luster with natural medium grey toning. A sweet coin. $265 On Hold No
1822/1 O.101 R.1 PCGS VF 30 Twin to the preceding 1821 with just a bit more wear. $295 No
1822 O.112 R.4 PCGS AU 50 Soft luster throughout. Original light grey toning. No problems. Quite scarce in AU with several auction records in 4-figures. $975 On Hold YES
1823 O.109 R.5+ F.12 scratch A killer R.5! Dark grey fields, lighter devices. A completely wholesome coin save for an old scratch in the left field, bust to chin. Last sold in 2008 for $1,220. $925 YES
1824/Var. Dates O.103 R.1 PCGS VF 20 Nice crust of original grey toning. Obverse a bit soft or PCGS would have bumped the grade to 25 or 30. $175 On Hold No
1824 O.106a R.4 XF 40 Lightly polished, now with attractive slate grey fields, lighter devices and subtle iridescence over the cap and through stars 8-11. $195 On Hold No
1824 O.114 R.5- ANACS VF 30 Dusty grey with some gold highlights. Probably cleaned though not so noted on the older ANACS holder. A fair amount of luster survives in protected areas as well as the obverse fields. From Alpine's Nov. 2007 FPL at $595. This was an R.8 die marriage in Overton's 2nd edition and continues to be elusive. $350 On Hold No
1824 O.114 R.5- VG 8 Light grey and dulled by an old cleaning. All devices are clear. $185 No
1826 O.110 R.2 PCGS XF 45 Handsome grey toning. Exemplary type coin. $255 On Hold No
1826 O.114 R.4+ VF 20 Lightly cleaned, now with natural grey toning. $140 On Hold No
1827 O.116 R.4+ PCGS VF 35 Intermediate die state with the db through star 2 in its infancy. This is a pretty coin with iridescent grey toning and luster befitting a strong XF. PCGS probably worried about the softly impressed eagle. $295 On Hold YES
1827 O.122 R.5 F.15 or better Light grey, without problems. $375 On Hold No
1827 O.123 R.5- F.12 Light to medium grey, smooth surfaces. $165 On Hold No
1827 O.123 R.5- VG 10 Medium grey fields, lighter devices with plenty of wear. $150 No
1827 O.136 R.4 PCGS AU 53 Light grey with gentle but complete luster throughout. Later die state exhibiting soft rims. Genuinely scarce in high grade. $425 On Hold YES
1827 O.140a R.5 XF 45 AU detail with subdued luster throughout. Lightly cleaned with some disturbing "ticks" on the obverse portrait. High rims and sharp dentils belie the later die state that features die breaks through the left hand stars and below the date to the right hand stars. A very tough subvariety, esp. in high grade. $495 No
1827 O.145 R.5 VG 8 Perfect for the grade with smooth surfaces and grey toning. $250 On Hold No
1828 O.105 R.5 F/VF A killer R.5, one that I've never cherried. Softly impressed obverse, the reverse features nearly full wing feathers. Medium grey toning. $475 On hold No
1828 Curl & Knb 2 O.107 R.2 AU 55 A stunning piece with virtually no wear and lovely iridescent blue, grey and gold toning. The coin has been off the market for 25 or more years. Possibly cleaned by a professional ages ago as I'd expect more vibrant luster on this barely circulated coin. Only R.2, but in great demand as a Red Book variety. $750 On Hold YES
1828 O.107a R.7? F.12 The two hallmark die breaks run from the rim to bust, bisecting the last 8, and horizontally through 28 of the date. An old cleaning is now disguised by natural grey toning. Last offered as VF 25. $575 On Hold YES
1828 Sm. Lets O.119 R.3 PCGS XF 40 Another "perfect for grade" Red Book coin. Rich antique grey toning, lighter on the devices. Excellent surfaces. $350 YES
1828 O.123 Prime R.7 AU 50 A new discovery and the most important coin in the List. The "prime" O.123 is a classic rarity, with 8 to 10 pieces known. There is but a whisper of actual wear on the coin. The detail is that of an AU 58. I've downgraded the coin to AU 50 because it has been wiped. The coin was fully prooflike when it left the coining chamber. The strike is razor sharp, obverse and reverse. There is, of course, no sign of the ubiquitous break on the rim between stars 5 and 6 nor the puzzling injury to the reverse die beneath the left wing. Students of the series are enamored with the prime O.123 because it provides uncontroverted evidence of a "remarriage." The obverse die began life with the O.123. It was then paired with the reverse of the O.122. After a lengthy tour of duty with the O.122 it finished its life with a remarriage to its original partner. We know this by observing the progress of the obverse rim break over the life of the die. The latest and earliest states belong to the O.123. Early congratulations to the astute caller who picks off this prize! $3,995 On Hold YES
1829/7 O.102 R.2 PCGS XF 45 Medium grey, lighter devices. A few hints of luster. Problem free. $325 On Hold YES
1829 O.104 R.5+ F.12 Natural grey toning. Plenty of wear makes this an affordable rarity. $155 On Hold No
1829 O.106 R.5- ANACS VF 30 Lots of luster is the selling point. The surfaces, however, have been wiped and the iridescent reverse toning is suspicious. Priced to sell. $345 On Hold No
1829 O.109a R.4+ F.15 Cloudy medium grey fields, lighter devices. The reverse looks 5 to 10 points better than the weakly impressed obverse. $145 On Hold No
1830 Lg.Lets O.114 R.5 PCGS VG 8 Plenty of wear is the only knock. UNITED STATES is merging with the adjoining rim. All devices are distinct. PCGS missed the key Large Letters feature but will certainly reholder the coin upon request. The coin features standard-issue grey toning and is utterly without problems. A happy opportunity for those seeking an affordable example of this rare Red Book and Overton variety. $950 On Hold YES
1832 O.114 R.4+ ANACS VF 35 Even medium grey; possibly cleaned. I'm not sure. The ANACS grade is generous. This is a tough die pair, missing from many advanced collections. $225 On Hold No
1833 O.115 R.5+ PCGS Gd. Details From the Blakeslee Hollow Collection, formerly in the collection of Henry Hilgard. PCGS deemed the coin "cleaned," an assessment with which I disagree. The glossy surfaces are richly toned and free of hairlines. Technically, the coin grades VG. This die pair always comes "mushy" (die wear) and looks a grade or two worse than its actual measure of circulation. A RARE - but affordable - bust half-dollar. $525 On Hold YES